About Us

We assist our clients in pre-sale renovation work making certain homes sell timely and for the highest price. We provide homeowners the confidence they need when it comes time to sell a home. | For clients who need to sell quickly and discretely, we purchase all property types under $25 million. | We help real estate investors grow and fund their business by being a reliable lending partner.

Core Values

  • Accountability — We take ownership and accept high responsibility.
  • Client Satisfaction — We will do anything for them.
  • Communication — We are constantly staying in touch with our clients—keeping them up to date.
  • Efficiency — We perform in the best manner possible —wasting the least amount of time and effort.
  • Find a Way — If we do not have the problem solved we will continuously work to find the answer.
  • Proactive — Anticipate everyone’s needs continuously staying ahead of the curve.
  • Quality — Whatever our client expects from us.
  • Trust — We must always exude our competence, concern, and care.
  • Urgency — We understand that time is always of the essence.


We are a leading pre-sale renovation real estate broker, buyer, and private lender, passionate about recognizing
opportunities, finding value when others cannot see it, and offering excellent service to all of our clients.


Our vision is to be the preferred source when it comes to buying, selling, and investing in a small balance
property. We always want to provide the best and most meaningful value to all of our clients.

Strategic Guide

  • Treat all clients fairly.
  • Do as the contract says.
  • Be considerate of the client’s situation.
  • Help us become the most notable broker, buyer, and
    private lender of residential property in Saint Louis.
  • All partners and associates shall have a proactive
    mindset all the time.
  • Maximize profit on each property we sell,
    purchase, or invest while being mindful of the
    risk we take.

We Think Real Estate… 
We want to help all clients think thru their real estate needs.

We Move Real Estate… 
We excel at implementing an urgent plan of action for all of our clients.

We Are Your Real Estate Partner… 
We will do everything to find you a real estate solution.

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